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    ミュージシャンの活動と平行して、2007年より国内150本以上をライブペイントツアーする。GOWEST GOHEMPやHOMAREYA 等のアパレルショップ、各地のfesでのコラボレート、BARやCAFEにて個展をインディペンデントに開催。シルクスクリーン、アクリル画を中心に作品を発表する。


    近年は「100万人アート」の名義でも活動。2017年マカオにてジャッキーチェン等とペイントショーで参加。2017年より拠点を宮崎に移し surf,art,music,photo,tripを独自に展開するクリエイティブチーム CINEMA HEAVENに参加。



    [ profile ]
    Born in Tokyo , an seductive painter living in Fukuoka ,Japan . The style of his art and painting in particular are influenced by the pop art of Andy Warhol,Keith Haring,Shepard Fairey and Barry Mcgee .Since 2007 he has been exhibiting numbers of paintings (mainly silkscreen and acrylic ) which has strong messages as well as he has started collaboration with apparel and CD .In late years he has been working on a wall painting and illustrations supported by Benjamin Moore Paint Fukuoka across Japan and abroad


    [ biography ]
    2008-2012 As a live painter , Kan has performed improvisational painting lives over 150 times across JP. In 2012 he started working abroad and performed live paintings in San francisco,US , in HongKong and in Seoul ,Korea Rep. Especially in HongKong He has taken part in Solo Exhibition at INSENSES city central , Step Up! public painting event ( painting on steps with chalk )Lantau Island "IMAGINE PEACE",Kowloon Free Space Fest 2012 and Painting Show in "Parade through Macao,Latin City 2012" in collaboration with performers who used to work as a world famous" Cirque du Soleil ”crew.In 2013 he won the award of Daio in Fukuoka Daimyo Art Action.Now he is trying to widen his sphere of Activity abroad.




    ミトカツユキ / Four Minutes Til Midnight / Colteco / Wok22 / Shing02 / KanSano / Boss the mc


    Liina , Oma , Yo Gallery , 空場 polymer , CYH Jayson


    Ray Moore / SKATAN / Cesc Grané



    Mask of Gandhi 2015.3.11 ver
    5,000 yen plus shipping / sumi or white





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    MURAL in FUK

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  • '10 America three weeks travel diary.

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